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Includes two sides and choice of bread. Add onions and mushrooms to any steak for $1.00

Cowboy...$16.99 Cowgirl...$10.99

14oz or 7oz Hand cut and marinated daily.

Teaxs T-Bone

16oz and seasoned to perfection

NY Strip

Hand cut and seasoned daily

Steak and Seafood
7oz Ribeye...$15.99 14oz Ribeye...$20.99

Served with a piece of Catfish and 3 Butterfly Shrimp

Steak and Oysters
7 oz Ribeye.....$15.99 14 oz Ribeye....$20.99

Our Hand cut Ribeye served with 4 Fried Oysters

Steak and Shrimp
7oz Ribeye...$14.99 14oz Ribeye...$19.99

Served with 4 Butterfly Shrimp

Steak and Chicken
7oz Ribeye...$13.99 14oz Ribeye...$18.99

Served with one piece of Grilled Chicken.

Steak and Fish
7oz Ribeye...$14.99 14oz Ribeye...$19.99

Served with a piece of catfish

Hamburger Steak
Cowboy...$9.99 Cowgirl...$7.99

Fresh and cooked to order covered with your choice of onions, mushrooms, or gravy.

Doug's Famous Hamburger Steak
Cowboy...$11.99 Cowgirl...$8.99

Our hamburger steak smothered with onion, jalapeños, cheese, and gravy

Smothered Chicken

Our Grilled Chicken layered with honey mustard, mushrooms, bacon, and melted cheese

Grilled Chicken

Two Chicken breast marinated and grilled to perfection. Get yours plain or add BBQ.

South West Chicken

Our Grilled Chicken topped with BBQ sauce, cheese, and diced tomatoes

Monterey Chicken

Our Grilled Chicken covered with a sweet and tangy sauce, and topped with two slices of grilled pineapple.

Chicken Tenders

Fresh never frozen, served Fried or Grilled.

Butterfly Shrimp

8 Golden Brown Fried or Grilled served with cocktail sauce

Fish and Shrimp

Includes one Catfish Filet and Four of our Butterfly Shrimp


8 Fresh Fried oysters severed with cocktail sauce and hushpuppies.

Fish and oyster

4 fresh fried oysters and your choice of 1 whole fried fish or 1 fried or grilled catfish filet

Shrimp and Oysters

4 fried oysters and your choice of 4 fried or grilled shrimp. Served with 2 sides

Pork Chop
One Chop...$7.99 Two Chops....$9.99

Your choice of fried or grilled, served with 2 sides

Fried Chicken Breast

Served with two sides

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